Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ok, I know I haven't really been posting much lately. And I think I did promise some photos and stuff from our last trip to Bear River which I haven't gotten around to yet. But I have a pretty good excuse. I've been really trying to study for my Medical coding course. I'm more than halfway done! Anyway, I just HAD to share my excitement about something totally unrelated to Bear River or coding. So, yesterday me and the Hubby went to the Big City. Last week someone had told me all about this supposedly awesome thrift store there in the Big City and I wanted to check it out and see if it really was that awesome. And it is really that awesome! We spent like 3 hours in there browsing through all sorts of things and when I got to the furniture section I immediately found a table that I wanted. It cost $40 and it's in almost perfect condition. No scratches in the finish, just a couple of small indents. It looks WAY nicer than the cheapo table we currently have. No chairs with it but I really don't care. I'm sure I can find something. We'll just use our old chairs in the meantime. So, here's a pic of it. It's in the garage in the photo. We don't really keep our fishing poles in the dining room! LOL In the pic it has its 2 leaves in it but when you take them out it is a perfect circle. I love it!
And I also found a bed for MoMo's room. Headboard and footboard. It needs some sprucing up for sure but it was only $20. I'm thinking I'll probably paint it. If anyone has any ideas for it please share them! The big oval is a mirror. (It's reflecting Hubby's hunting blind so it looks kind of weird I know.)Yeah, I'm pretty excited with my finds. And you know what? I've got to go help Hubby bring the table in and move the old one. Later!

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Grandma said...

Wow! Awesome finds! I love the bed. LOVE IT!