Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, here's a cute video of MoMo singing in the shower.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey all. Happy Cornchip Day. Also, a very happy My-Computer-is-Working-Again Day!!! Woo hoo! At least I'm pretty ecstatic about it. A big shout out of thanks to my little brother, the computer genius who helped me! I was able to recover everything on my hard drive. That would be photos and my digiscrapping stuff, mostly that I was worried about. Most of the other stuff could easily be replaced or lived without. I had gotten the recovery disk yesterday but my brother helped me utilize that without losing all the stuff on my hard drive, so I'm very grateful. And, yes, I KNOW I should have everything backed up in the first place but and I was trying to do that but a combination of malfunctions and slowness on my part to remedy this resulted in no backup. Sooooooo, starting now I will triple back up all my important stuff. (I previously had a system of double backup--on external hard drive and off site with an internet automatic back up program)But for now I'm mostly just giddy with excitement that I can use my computer again!
And in other good news, I got all set up with my medical transcription course and I even finished the first module and took my first test, which I got 100% on. I think I will be able to breeze through the first modules which cover things such as grammar, spelling and editing. I already edit most things I read, at least in my head. Many times I'd like to attack the newspaper or ads with a bright red marker to fix all their errors. Grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors are a pet peeve of mine, particularly the misuse of quotation marks and apostrophes on signage. It really bugs me. Get it right, people! Especially of you are writing something that will be in print or circulated. Seriously, it's your job to know how to write properly. Anyway, I'll get of my little soapbox now. I'm also registered for the medical billing/coding course which I can begin at any time. I have 18 months to finish both courses. But I plan to do transcription first, hopefully get a job in that field and then move on to the next course.
So, that's just a little update for now. I may be back later today, or else tomorrow with a video clip of my adorable daughter that I took yesterday. But for now, it's off to work on my MT course and continue purging things lurking in the backs of closets and in the garage and under beds. Things that I hope to sell at a yard sale--clothing the kids have outgrown, toys no longer played with, even some old paper scrapping supplies and scrapbooking magazines I've decided I can part with. Some cooking magazines I've been stockpiling that I have never even tried a recipe out of. That sort of thing. So, I better get to it. Later!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok, so my computer is down and I'm doing this a la Wii. Very tedious, I must say. And the Wii doesn't seem to be able to handle some websites. Just too much to ask of the Wii. So, even though I am grateful that I can access some things on the web, I will be so very happy to have my computer back in working order. At least I hope it will be/can be fixed. I think that I can fix it with a recovery disk. Just waiting [impatiently] for that to arrive from HP. I haven't checked today's mail, yet, so it could possibly [hopefully] be in my mailbox at this very moment! What am I waiting for!? And in case the recovery disk doesn't do it, those of you computer geeks [I mean computer experts LOL] can be expecting a call from me! This Wii surfing isn't enough to satisfy my computer/internet addiction.
Anyway, I am so excited that I am going to be a student! Well, I guess I already am a student since I am enrolled and have an official student number! AND it's FREE!!! Hardly anything better than free! So, it's an internet based course and I'll get a medical transcription certificate. The school also has job assistance after I get the certificate. I'm also excited because I can do transcription from home. Plus after I finish the transcription course I can then take the medical coding/billing course with the same school and get a certificate for that as well. Also free. And possibly a free laptop? Tomorrow I should find out when I can start the course. Yay!
Well, I just had to share my excitement! And now I'm off to check the mail...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My grandfather

This next one is a 2 page layout. The first is the left half and the second is the right.

FYI-there are missing parts of the text because I edited out specific place references to post on my public blog. The original layouts are not edited.
This last one is a photo of my grandmother that my cousin just sent me. I just love the photo but unfortunately I don't have any info as to when it was taken. I had to scrap it anyway. />

Saturday, January 2, 2010

For Christmas my kids each got a baking set from their Auntie. Each set had an apron and matching oven mitts which she made and wooden utensils, measuring cups and spoons and a muffin mix. The aprons are so adorable! Anyway, the kids had been begging me for a few days to make their muffins so yesterday they got all their goodies out and made muffins. Here are the pictures I took as they modeled their aprons, mixed and baked. And the muffins were yummy. They both love to bake so they are pretty excited to have their own supplies. MoMo especially loves to help me in the kitchen. Whenever she sees me in the kitchen she insists on helping. She helps measure ingredients or add ingredients to a bowl or stir. She's a really great sous chef.
Well, tomorrow it's back to school for the kiddos. I've got to go wrangle them into bed so until next time...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of you already know that our cat, Mr. Kitty was hit by a car and killed yesterday. It happened right in front of our house and Hubby found him when he came home from work. When Hubby found him, Mr. Kitty was already gone to kitty heaven. Not an hour before it happened, I was looking out the window and saw him rubbing his face against the snowman MoMo and I made in the front yard, thinking, "What a silly cat!" We haven't said anything to the kids, yet. Hubby thinks we should just let Mr. Kitty "disappear." Our other cat, Daisy Mae (Mrs. Kitty, the kids call her), is pretty upset. And I'm really sad, too. We got him as a kitten 4 years ago when MoMo was just over a year old. Big R , who was 3, picked him out because "he looked like a tiger." When we asked Big R what he wanted to name him he replied, "Mister." "Mister?" I asked. "Just Mister or Mister Something like Mr. Jones?" "MR. KITTY!" he exclaimed. So, he was our Mr. Kitty. Here's a layout I made showing MoMo loving him when he was a kitten. She gave him lots of love and he was pretty tolerant about it, even though she practically strangled him with love. LOL
When we lived near SD, he became good friends with the skunks in the neighborhood. Hubby was driving home one night and saw a mama skunk, followed by several baby skunks and Mr. Kitty bringing up the rear! We also found out from our neighbor (NOT Gargamel) that he'd often stop by her house and walk on in and eat with her cats. He was getting double meals! No wonder he was getting so chunky! He also had some weird food tastes. He didn't want anything to do with any leftover meat we might offer him as a treat but he loved to eat popcorn and Wheat Thin crackers. I actually took this photo Wednesday as we were outside in the snow. He was quite interested in what we were doing and was even walking through the snow, which was quite deep compared to him. It was all the way up to the top of his legs. I was thinking how he'd finally gotten used to the snow here. The first winter we were here and he saw the snow he hated it. He practically hibernated that winter, going outside only when absolutely necessary. Well, I guess that's all. I just wanted to share with you about Mr. Kitty. I'll talk to you later.