Sunday, August 29, 2010

So this week is the Nevada State Fair although this year I guess they have changed the name to the Wild West Fair. I decided to take the kiddos to go to the fair. We saw the sheep and goats and alpacas and they had replicas of old west camps and things. Somehow we missed the other livestock but that's probably because the kids were preoccupied with the rides. They started out in Kiddie Land.

Fun Slide...


Then moved on to the kiddie coaster...The Dragon Wagon.

Sno cone break....

Ring the bell!

The BIG ferris wheel!

The Silver Streak Himalayan...look at their faces!

And they even wanted to go on the Super Shot! MoMo wanted to go on it again! They take you up to the top and drop you...

We did almost all the rides including the Tilt A Whirl, Dizzy Dragons, the Sizzler, the bumper cars and the Gravitron. Riley went on the Tornado, Zendar and the Kite Flyer but MoMo was a bit too short so she and I sat out on those. Neither of the kids was big enough for the Zipper but I'm sure before long they'll be loving that ride too! They are definitely thrill seekers. MoMo's favorite ride was the Tilt A Whirl and she screamed and laughed the entire time. Big R's favorite ride was the Zendar. I had bought unlimited ride wristbands and we definitely got our money's worth since we rode many of the rides several times. But it was a cool and windy day and when the sun started going down it got too chilly for us. I broke one of the cardinal rules and didn't bring jackets! What!? Anyway, I don't think I could have spun around and around at high speeds many more times. Getting too old I guess. LOL So, there you have it. The Wild West Fair. And my dare devil kids!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello again, friends! So, it's been awhile since I last posted but school has started and I have more time on my hands now. You might get sick of me because I'm blogging so much. Kidding! I will hopefully keep you all up to date but I have a number of projects around the house that I plan on tackling, mainly organizing. And also finishing my classes. So I'll be busy but I can work at my own pace.
Anyway, I mentioned that the kiddos have started school again. Big R is in 3rd grade this year and MoMo is in 1st. This year they both go to the same school. Big R has done a great job looking after his little sister at school. He walks her to the bus stop and helps her get to her class and all. Before school started they had a Meet the Teacher event and he gave MoMo the grand tour of the school, sharing bits of insider info that he has accumulated in his 2+ years there. And MoMo is so excited to go to the same school as her big brother. To be a 1st grader and eat lunch at school. Here's a photo of them on the first day of school. Aren't they adorable?
I love how they threw their arms around each other. Sure, they do their share bickering and squabbling but they really are the best of friends.
Well, I meant to also share my new wall art but I think I'll do that another day. Love to all! Talk at you soon!