Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, we just got back from the doctor's office. Big R has a new accessory. Unfortunately Blogger isn't cooperating with photo uploads--again. Irritating. Ok, then, here's a link to the photo on Flickr.
 Link to photo
Yup, that's a splint on his right pinkie finger. A couple of days ago there was a mysterious collision between said finger and MoMo's knee. Not sure how that happened exactly. Kind of an odd body part collision, if you ask me. But in any case, obviously it hurt pretty badly and it swelled some but he could move it and all so I didn't think it was broken and we just iced it. I figured it would improve in a day or two but it stayed swollen so I took him to get it checked out. They took x rays and the doctor thought she saw a fracture. She wants a radiologist to take a look for a confirmation but in the meantime Big R's sporting a splint. Unfortunately the doctor had to make do with purple bandage. She apologized profusely for not having a more "manly" color available at the time. (I went to the store promptly and purchased blue tape so when we change the tape he won't have to suffer with purple anymore) So, he's going to be in a splint for at least a week. Six weeks (or more) if it is indeed fractured. We're waiting on a phone call to get the radiologist's verdict and we have a follow up appointment next week. In the meantime, guess he's going to have to learn to write left handed!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey there, just wanted to pop in with a preview of my latest quilt top.

I actually started this one over a year ago. I began in January with a lot of ambition and purpose and got 4 columns done pretty quickly. Then I put it aside for whatever reason (that I can't recall now) and it got relegated to the works-in-progress black hole. But I managed to rescue it yesterday and it didn't take long to finish the last column and trim up the sides. It needs a bit more trimming to even out the tops and bottoms and they need to be stitched all together. Then I think I will add borders all around. This quilt is a long overdue one. It's going to a friend who I promised a quilt over 5 years ago! I did tell him at the time that I had a number of quilts to make before I could make him his but I totally intended to get his done a lot sooner. Story of my life, it seems. Anyway, trimming the sides gave me a pile of what I think look almost like little pennants and I can't quite bring myself to toss them.

Aren't they cute? Perhaps I could use them in one of the borders of the quilt. I don't know but I think these have a destiny beyond the trash can.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

So, does anyone see something different about this girl?
Yep, she got her ears pierced. She's actually had them a couple of weeks now and she's super happy. She had wanted to have it done for quite some time. She was really brave when it was done. She didn't even flinch! One ear then the other and it was done. Then we all had Cinnabons to celebrate. :)
  Also, I got some awesomeness in the mail today. Well, actually UPS brought it...

FABRIC!!! (insert happy dance here) We've kind of got this huge project we've been working on here. The garage. Yikes. It was so disorganized. So much stuff! And with the new freezer that we had to fit in there we REALLY needed to do something about it. So, it's been a work in progress for a few weeks and I had gone through my fabric and convinced myself not to buy any new fabric until I had my old stuff under control. Meaning using up some of it and getting it organized. And I was doing really well with that. I even went to a local quilt shop and just looked at all the wonderful fabric. Didn't buy a single yard. Or half yard. Or fat quarter. But then I learned that a friend of ours was having a baby boy and, of course, I NEED to make said baby a quilt. And I didn't have any appropriate fabric on hand so naturally I was required to buy some. Ok, so, only the six of the fabrics are actually for the baby quilt. The rest I just liked. Plus, if you spend $35 you get free shipping. So since I was just under $35, by adding just a little bit more, I saved. Right? Um, yeah, so, these fabrics here are the six I picked for the baby quilt:

I ordered online and sort of crossed my fingers that they would really go together once I got them and put them side by side. Sometimes it can be hard to tell in the online pictures for sure if the colors are close enough. But they all coordinate really well even though they are almost all from completely different lines of fabric. Awesome! I had seen this quilt on Pinterest a while back and added it to my list of Quilts I Want to Make Before I Die. It's about 500 miles long, this list. Even if I made a quilt a month (or a week) from the list I still probably wouldn't make a dent in that list. It's REALLY LONG. And Pinterest isn't helping. But I digress...
Here it is, as seen on Pinterest, the Triangle Quilt:

I didn't realize until right now that I picked a very similar same color scheme to the inspiration quilt in the fabrics I got. That wasn't intentional. I picked the animal prints first (those are both from the same fabric line), then pulled the orange, green, and blue from those and selected the other fabrics in those colors. But they're pretty fun, right? Anyway, I also found some other fabrics that I couldn't resist added to reach the free shipping threshold.

This last one is my absolute favorite!

I just LOVE it! It's one of those ones where I'm not sure I can ever actually use it for anything. I might just hoard it so I can bring it out once in a while and gaze at it. I mean, wait, I'd never do anything like that. Hoarding fabric is not good. Saw this on Pinterest as well and thought it rather frighteningly close to truth.
 I console myself that I really do use my fabric! So is that really the same as hoarding?  I tell myself it's not. Don't judge me...