Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween! Out here they proclaimed today trick or treating day so today was pretty much our Halloween. MoMo was a witch and Big R was Yoshi. I sewed both costumes without actual patterns. For the witch I used a tshirt to make a template for the bodice then sewed on sleeves and skirt. I think it turned out pretty well. MoMo sure loved it. Then for Big R's I did buy a pattern (only 99 cents at Joann) for a zip up pajama, planning to add a tail and spikes and make a hood or something for the head. Then I got home and realized that the pattern I bought was WAY too big. It was the adult L/XL instead of the teen size. So, then I used the super large pattern as a guide to try to make a smaller Big R size. So, although it didn't come out perfect, the neckline was low, it wasn't too bad all in all. At least Big R liked it. So, we did our pumpkin carving and I even made up a creature from a tiny, unripe cantaloupe from our garden and a pepper and some green cherry tomatoes.
MoMo's pumpkin...
Big R's pumpkin...And mine...I made up some spooky food to eat. Mummy dogs...
And some crazy disgusting looking jello worms. Care for a worm?
If you can get past the ick factor they are actually pretty tasty. Oh, and, of course, the candy haul.
So, that's about it. Happy Halloween!

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