Friday, January 6, 2012

For the longest time I haven't had any inspiration when it comes to scrapping. But it seems I just got it back. So here are 4 layouts I put together.
That last Tooth Fairy layout has a photo that is from a while back. MoMo just lost another tooth this past Monday so she's got a real jack o lantern smile going on now!
cOh, and I also made some old fashioned (cruller) doughnuts. My sister gave me a book full of doughnut recipes for Christmas and these are the first ones I've tried. And they're super yummy! See, here's MoMo scarfing one down. (before losing her last tooth because now she's got a big hole on the top where her tooth used to be!) They definitely have her seal of approval. I think the next ones I'll try are the raised glazed ones...or maybe the devil's food cake...or maybe the blueberry. They all look delicious. I'm really going to have to pace myself. LOL Anyone want to come over for doughnuts?

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Laurel said...

Oh, yeah! I want to come over for doughnuts!

Those look really good.

Great layouts. i love the one with you and mom. Such a sweet picture of you.