Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Family Gathering

So, back in July (seems SO long ago already!) there was a family gathering with Hubby's family. My MIL did a LOT of work and it turned out so amazing! Plenty of good things to eat plus lot of fun, too. I did up some pages with photos from the gathering. (names and places edited out)

Also, I've decided to start doing Project Life scrapbook pages. There are a few different ways that people do it, depending on their preference. Some do Project 365 where they take a photo for every day of the year. Some do Project 52 where they do a layout for every week of the year. Others do a layout covering the entire month. I've decided to do a weekly Project Life layout, hitting the highlights of the week, not necessarily having a photo for each and every day. Just documenting the smaller things as well as the bigger things going on in our lives. Usually people will start at the beginning of the year in January but obviously that was months ago. I'm not going to try to backtrack and do a layout for all the weeks since the beginning of 2014. I'm simply starting with the week I decided to do Project Life which was the week of August 11-17. {And I just noticed I put the wrong date on the page. 18th instead of 17th.} 

So, I already posted the one I did for the week of August 18-24 but here it is again.

And here's the latest for the week of September 1-7.

I just realized that I skipped August 25-31. Well, I'll see what I can do with that. Anyway, perhaps just a little update on my poor toe? The little one on the right? The one I stubbed and it was all black and blue? Yeah, that one. I managed to stub the SAME DARN TOE again yesterday! It's an awesome array of black, blue, and purple and everything in between. Ouch.

Well, alrighty then. I'm going to hobble to the kitchen and start some dinner. Potato soup. Mmmmmm...

And hopefully not stub my toe again.

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