Saturday, October 11, 2014

Well, MoMo had her last soccer game of the season today. And she really upped her game today. This is her first time ever playing soccer with a team so she had a lot to learn. She's been pretty timid out there on the field, sort of hanging back and waiting for the ball to come to her and then passing it off quickly. But today she went all out. She was aggressively going after the ball, getting in there and fighting for it. Quite a few times when the other team was throwing in she darted in front of another (opposing team) player at the last second, took possession of the ball and ran down the field with it, leaving the other team blindsided. She came this close to scoring a goal. Wow! She was AMAZING today! She played so well and I'm so proud of her that she came out of her shell and played more confidently. And had FUN! Final score was 3-1, her team winning their last game of the season.Yes! :)

So, now that soccer is over, we're on to 4H. Big R is even going to participate. I've been trying to find an activity for him other than video games. That's all he really wants to do. All the time. And I wanted him to get out interact with real, live people, not hole up in his room all the time. He wasn't interested in baseball or swimming or track or soccer or anything else I had suggested. Then one day we were in Scheels (a sporting goods store) we were walking past the archery section and I sort of half jokingly asked if he wanted to do archery and he got really excited and said he DID want to do archery. Neither I nor his Dad really know anything about archery but I wanted to seize the opportunity and find someone to teach him or somewhere he could learn. Quite conveniently, shortly thereafter I heard that the 4H here does an archery program. Unfortunately, the archery club is one of the most popular clubs that they offer and it has limited space so we weren't able to get him into it. But the 4H coordinator I spoke with said they are trying hard to get a second archery group going so both Big R and MoMo are on the list for that if it happens. In the meantime, MoMo's friends are in 4H and she decided to do the cooking club with them. Big R looked over the other clubs they offer and saw another one he was interested in. It's related to geographical information systems. Basically GPS. I was reading about it and in past years they took the GPS coordinates of all the fire hydrants in the area and mapped them. They also do GPS scavenger hunts and things. So both outdoors-y and tech-y. Then both of the kids saw the rabbit club on the list and want to do that as well. We're not sure of all the details yet, and what exactly that entails so we're tentatively planning on raising rabbits. Depending on all the details.  So, that will be keeping us busy in the coming months.
Alright, well,  guess that's all for now. Stay tuned for more.

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