Friday, June 5, 2009

Just so you know, June happens to be Fight The Filthy Fly Month. So let's all do our best to fight those filthy flies! LOL So, this week here has been quite a stormy and wet week. Thunderstorms and rain have kept us indoors for the most part. But our plants are loving it! We've got several yellow squash growing, some teeny tiny pea pods and the tomatoes are blossoming as well. My lilies are also blooming. So far just my Lollipop variety but my Stargazers are on the verge of bursting into bloom as well. We discovered that we have some calla lilies in the front yard. The bulbs came up last year but never bloomed so we weren't sure what they were. But we just got a white calla lily! Lilies are my favorite! I also have a big pot mixed with blue flax and johnny-jump-ups in full bloom. And a mix of flowers that came together in a tin. Not sure what they all are but they sure are pretty. So, I'm very happy that I have vegetation in my yard at last!
I also forgot to mention that last weekend after Mom and Dad left we dicided to go to the Big City. There is a giant sporting goods store there (touted as the biggest all sports store in the world!) that actually has a big ferris wheel inside. The kids have been wanting to go on it so I finally took them. Here is a video DH took (he didn't ride) and some pics. The kids loved it. from the top there are great views of the Big City!

Today was the last day of school and a half day at that. It was a Field Day with everything from a big inflatable pirate ship slide to face painting to watermelon seed spitting. Big R had a lot of fun but he's glad to be starting summer vacation! Well, I guess that's it. Big R has been asking me to take him to Wal Mart so he can browse the toy department for things to add to his birthday wish list. I hope he can find a few less expensive things than he's got on it so far. He already told me he wants a tv for his room and a Wii. Yikes! I guess we're past the stage where he's not that into video games and electronics. And of course, little sis echoed him by telling me that for Christmas she wants a swimming puppy, a tv for her room and a "week." (Wii) LOL She cracks me up (almost) with the words she mispronounces. One of my favorites it "sun scream." (sun screen) ROFL Anyway, I better get going! Later!

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