Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello again! I just wanted you all to know that I haven't fallen into a black hole or anything. Between camping, visiting in AZ, and all, blogging fell by the wayside. And now that the kids are away at their grandma's I really don't know what to do with myself. I have done some cleaning/organizing. I went through my kiddo's rooms and sorted out clothes that are too small, broken toys, unused toys and such. (And I'll admit that included a few toys that were deemed too annoying to keep LOL) I've been trying to be good and get my work done before I move on to funner things. Some of you may know that I have been accused of being a "packrat." Which I vehemently deny. Yes, I have a fabric stash. And a scrapbooking stash. And a book stash. And a recipe stash. But those are things I actually USE. I'm not just hoarding things unnecessarily. I do admit that I can do a better job of organizing and storing my stashes, however. So I've been trying to do that little by little. I think I'm about ready to dive into some fun stuff, though. I have more fabric to make a couple more purses. (thanks AJP!) And I have fabric for quilting, too. And then I have patterns for more felt food. I haven't given up on that, yet!
This past weekend I finally went jackrabbit hunting with hubby. He's been wanting me to go for ages. And with the kids gone it was the perfect opportunity. His usual hunting buddy, Dave, went as well. Hubby thought it would be a good idea for me to practice a bit before the actual hunt. I am pleased to say that I hit the paper target 8 times and earned a, "Wow! That's really good!" from Dave. Unfortunately, we didn't see too many jackrabbits that night. But I did have a shot at one. Both men were hollering at me, "Shoot! Shoot! It's gonna get away! Hurry! Just shoot!" I was lining up my shot and when I did fire, it was a perfect chest shot and the jackrabbit dropped on the spot. Most of the other jackrabbits were shot (by the men folk) but continued to run before they were hunted down and finished off. Mine took just one
shot. One shot, one kill. I was pretty smug about that. Again, Dave was impressed. Hubby, too. So, I guess I'll be invited back some time. I've proved my jackrabbit hunting prowess. LOL As I mentioned, we didn't see too many jackrabbit that night. But we did spot a fox or two and a badger. Yes, a real live badger. And let me tell you, badgers are scary! Check out these pics here (look at those teeth!) and here (look at those claws!). Yikes! That may have been why we didn't see many jackrabbit. Too many predators out.
Anyway, I'm baking some zucchini bread right now. Smells insanely yummy. Unfortunately, it's not made from zucchini from our garden. Our zucchini plants didn't survive. But our neighbor came by one day with a wheelbarrow (yes, an actual wheelbarrow) full of zucchini and cucumber he was diving away. Lucky! We've got one regular tomato and one cherry tomato just about ripe. We got a few wonky shaped cucumbers and a beet that we picked. But that's about all. Besides all the sunflowers. We've got A LOT of those. Here are a few pics of our garden.

Well, I think my zucchini bread is just about done. I can hardly wait to eat a slice. Yummy! Ok, then I will talk to you all later! Bye!

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