Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello, hello! Just checking in with you all. I've been busy working on my MT course and got a big box of study materials for it in the mail yesterday.I also went and bought me some school supplies, a notebook, pencils and some nice pens, which if anyone here steals from me, they will face my wrath. Pens seem to disappear around here, particularly the nice ones which I generally like to use to take a bit of the sting out of writing checks. Not that I actually write too many since I use online bill pay most often, but I digress. Anyhoo, I'm studying medical words now, in particular the combining forms such as esthesi/o, colcane/o, and cholecyst/o (referring to feeling, the heel and the gallbladder, respectively). Basically memorizing a long list of terms that are put together to make medical words. Also, I've been trying to practice my typing skills. Mainly trying to do it the RIGHT way, as opposed to the way I've evolved on my own, and increase my speed and accuracy.
So, I've been keeping busy. Haven't had time to squeeze in any scrapping lately, though I have gotten in a small amount of reading unrelated to my MT course work, purely for my own enjoyment.
The kids are doing well at school. MoMo was Student of the Week last week and got to share some things about herself with her class. She had been anxiously awaiting her turn to be SOTW, even carrying the photos she wanted to share in her backpack for the last couple of months. And then Big R is excelling at math. He recently completed his math facts 1-10. They need to know all the facts (ie, 1+1=2, 7+6=13) up to 10 and they take timed tests on them. He had been the furthest along among the students in his class and is the first to complete all of them! He loves to do math and he's very good at it. My little mathematician.
Well, I better go. I've got plenty to do here. Happy Groundhog Day!

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