Friday, August 27, 2010

Hello again, friends! So, it's been awhile since I last posted but school has started and I have more time on my hands now. You might get sick of me because I'm blogging so much. Kidding! I will hopefully keep you all up to date but I have a number of projects around the house that I plan on tackling, mainly organizing. And also finishing my classes. So I'll be busy but I can work at my own pace.
Anyway, I mentioned that the kiddos have started school again. Big R is in 3rd grade this year and MoMo is in 1st. This year they both go to the same school. Big R has done a great job looking after his little sister at school. He walks her to the bus stop and helps her get to her class and all. Before school started they had a Meet the Teacher event and he gave MoMo the grand tour of the school, sharing bits of insider info that he has accumulated in his 2+ years there. And MoMo is so excited to go to the same school as her big brother. To be a 1st grader and eat lunch at school. Here's a photo of them on the first day of school. Aren't they adorable?
I love how they threw their arms around each other. Sure, they do their share bickering and squabbling but they really are the best of friends.
Well, I meant to also share my new wall art but I think I'll do that another day. Love to all! Talk at you soon!

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