Friday, April 26, 2013

Well, we just got back from the doctor's office. Big R has a new accessory. Unfortunately Blogger isn't cooperating with photo uploads--again. Irritating. Ok, then, here's a link to the photo on Flickr.
 Link to photo
Yup, that's a splint on his right pinkie finger. A couple of days ago there was a mysterious collision between said finger and MoMo's knee. Not sure how that happened exactly. Kind of an odd body part collision, if you ask me. But in any case, obviously it hurt pretty badly and it swelled some but he could move it and all so I didn't think it was broken and we just iced it. I figured it would improve in a day or two but it stayed swollen so I took him to get it checked out. They took x rays and the doctor thought she saw a fracture. She wants a radiologist to take a look for a confirmation but in the meantime Big R's sporting a splint. Unfortunately the doctor had to make do with purple bandage. She apologized profusely for not having a more "manly" color available at the time. (I went to the store promptly and purchased blue tape so when we change the tape he won't have to suffer with purple anymore) So, he's going to be in a splint for at least a week. Six weeks (or more) if it is indeed fractured. We're waiting on a phone call to get the radiologist's verdict and we have a follow up appointment next week. In the meantime, guess he's going to have to learn to write left handed!

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Grandma said...

Aww, poor Big R...He can talk to his auntie Jane about that pain.