Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Hey there, just wanted to pop in with a preview of my latest quilt top.

I actually started this one over a year ago. I began in January with a lot of ambition and purpose and got 4 columns done pretty quickly. Then I put it aside for whatever reason (that I can't recall now) and it got relegated to the works-in-progress black hole. But I managed to rescue it yesterday and it didn't take long to finish the last column and trim up the sides. It needs a bit more trimming to even out the tops and bottoms and they need to be stitched all together. Then I think I will add borders all around. This quilt is a long overdue one. It's going to a friend who I promised a quilt over 5 years ago! I did tell him at the time that I had a number of quilts to make before I could make him his but I totally intended to get his done a lot sooner. Story of my life, it seems. Anyway, trimming the sides gave me a pile of what I think look almost like little pennants and I can't quite bring myself to toss them.

Aren't they cute? Perhaps I could use them in one of the borders of the quilt. I don't know but I think these have a destiny beyond the trash can.

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