Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hey there. So, just so you know, today (Wednesday) is NOT the 18th. Nope. It is in fact the 19th. And I'm sure most of you are probably thinking, "Well, of course it's the 19th." But here's a funny(ish) story. I was convinced today was the 18th. Therefore I knew today was Big R's birthday. He had a roller skating birthday with his friends last Saturday so on his actual birthday I was going to make his requested birthday meal (Jucy Lucy burgers [hamburgers with the cheese stuffed inside], mashed potatoes with hamburger gravy, and carrots with dip) and bake him a cake. So, thinking yesterday was the 17th, I was going to start preparing for his birthday by thawing the meat and baking the cake layers, etc. Except yesterday I woke up and fired up my computer to check my email. Imagine my shock when the clock/calendar on my computer told me it was the 18th, NOT the 17th! Ooops! Then it was a mad rush to thaw the meat, bake and frost the cake, put up some balloons, wrap a couple more presents...and then I realized I had forgotten to buy hamburger buns. Thankfully I managed to pull it off.
  Well, so, the roller skating party was on Saturday and we didn't have any date mix ups. Everyone had a lot of fun, though I think Hubby and I skated more than the kids! My legs were so tired! The kids skated but they also played air hockey and a game of pool (I'm surprised with all those pool sticks getting swung around that everyone left with both eyes intact). I do have some photos from the party. Let's see if Blogger will let me upload today.



From Grandma & Grandpa, his Dad, and I--an Xbox 360

Blowing out the candles


Success! I was able to post these photos without a problem. Awesome! There are a few more photos from the party that I posted on Facebook so you can go there if you want to see them.
  And then I have a few photos from yesterday (his actual birthday--the 18th!). MoMo wanted to be the photographer so we didn't get too many.
Opening card from Grandma & Grandpa

Hmmm...what's in here?

Lighting the candles-all 11! How is that possible? Really? 11!?

He's still got one more present to look forward to from his Grandma & Papa. It's supposed to come tomorrow and he's dying for it to get here and to see what it is.
  Ok, well, I better go. Lots to do. Have a wonderful day!

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Grandma said...

They are both growing up TOO fast. It looks like a fun birthday.