Friday, May 31, 2013

I've got a couple of things today. First, the photos I mentioned from our birthday camping trip.

 Wow! I'm SHOCKED that Blogger uploaded photos finally! Anyway, this was the weekend of Hubby's birthday.
  In other news (in case you missed it on Facebook), my darling daughter got the Difference Maker award at her school today. It's like Student of the Quarter. I've got a video here, though it's hard to understand what her teacher is saying so I'm including a transcription for you:

My Difference Maker for the quarter is a student of mine that has quietly been an absolute role model the entire year. My Difference Maker is somebody that will be a friend, somebody that’s always working, always quiet and peaceful and helpful  AND gets work done. My difference maker has grown so much academically and as a person and I am duly honored to say my Difference Maker is Miss McKinley. {applause} {then another teacher starts talking and we don't really care what she said...LOL}

So, there you have it. Until next time...

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Grandma said...

Looks like you've got some good fishermen!
Congratulations to M. for the recognition! Yay!