Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Surprise! Thought I forgot about you, huh? Well, some of you may know that MoMo is dancing with the swing dance team here. So today I have some pictures to share from that. This first one is from a performance they did at a local elementary school's "Fine Arts Night." They did a line dance to Beauty and a Beat. This was at the beginning of March.
Then last Friday they did one of their 2 main performances of the year at our town's Dancing With the Stars. These pictures are from the dress rehearsal. 
I did film their DWTS performance but I apologize for the low quality video. I used my camera's video function since we need to replace the battery for our camcorder and it's not that great. And then at the end of the video whoever was doing the music messed up and didn't play the whole song. There's a pause in the song then the song resumes but they stopped it at the pause. That's why the kids are holding the pose so long because they were waiting for the music to start back up and then it gets kind of chaotic because the kids didn't know what to do. But they really did a terrific job even with the music incident. So without further ado, I present MoMo and the Swing Kidz performing to Don't be Cruel!

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