Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello again! So, I've got quite a few photos to share today. Last weekend was Hubby's birthday. He got some $$$ for his birthday and this is what he picked out...

Then MoMo helped to make the cake. Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting of course! Except I saw Almond Joy flavored frosting at the store and put that in the middle. Personally, I'm not a fan of coconut but everyone else liked it!

Mostly we just spent the day relaxing at the house. MoMo and Peanut Butter had an interesting way to hang out.

Doesn't look very comfortable. LOL It took 3 to light all those candles. Just kidding! We actually didn't have enough candles to do one for every year so we used candles to form the number. (41)

This weekend (Memorial Day weekend) we went to Nevada's oldest permanent settlement, Genoa. (pronounced jen-OH-uh, named after Genoa, Italy) But when it was founded in 1851, Genoa was actually not in Nevada but Utah Territory. Nevada as a state or territory didn't exist yet. Nevada became a territory 10 years later in 1861and then a state 3 years after that in 1864. Anyway, today Genoa has a number of antique shops, Nevada's oldest "Thirst Parlor" (bar/saloon), a few other shops that sell jewelry, souvenirs and the like, and Mormon Station State Historic Park. We had fun browsing the shops, had lunch (and ice cream) and generally just explored. Unfortunately, we mostly neglected to take pictures. But I'm going to go ahead and say that Hubby was the one who actually had possession of the camera so it could be considered his fault. ;)

Then yesterday we decided to go to the lake. We just made a day trip of it, didn't camp overnight. Hubby tried a little fishing (no luck and no fish), the kids floated and splashed in the water, dug their own graves, and I mostly relaxed in the shade with my trusty Kindle. (really! They started digging holes the approximate size of their bodies, occasionally lying in them to see if they were the right size yet. They actually told me that they were digging their own graves, though they were quite shallow as far as graves go, and Big R even wrote an epitaph in the sand. Perhaps they were in a macabre mood from the incident that I will tell you about a bit later.)

Look at his face! What a goofball! Anyhow, we all had a really great time and headed home as the sun was going down, a bit sunburned and sandy but happy.

Ok, so yesterday before we headed to the lake we had a sad event. One of our chickens died. :( I went out to fill the feeders and found her in the duck house. We buried her and MoMo decorated the grave with rocks and even put a headstone on it. I think that's why the kids were digging graves at the lake. They had graves on their minds.

MoMo still wants to add Miss Blossom's name to the headstone. I found some photos of Miss Blossom as a wee chick. She's the black and white one here.

Well, I think that about covers it. Hope you are having a great weekend!

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