Monday, August 18, 2014

Well, I just wanted to make the official announcement regarding the Big News I mentioned before. Some of you know already know or at least knew that there was the possibility of it happening.  So, the news is we are moving! Not far, though. Actually, just across the street! Basically our neighbors bought a new home and were looking for renters for their first home. They offered us rent that was less than our current rent and the "new" house is just nicer since it has a landscaped backyard (including fruit trees, raised garden beds, grass, fire pit, and sheds), a pantry in the kitchen, ceiling fans, and more. We are actually in the process of moving our stuff over so it's pretty crazy around here. And I'm exhausted. And sore. And sweaty. TMI? I'll have to take some pics to share. Once we get somewhat settled. Or at least get all our stuff over there.

Anyway, school started today. I did manage a couple of photos but I don't know exactly where I put my camera after doing so (my brain is completely scrambled at the moment) so I'll put them up sometime when I find it. Big R is a 7th grader now (!!!) and MoMo is 5th (!!!). What!?

So, that's all for now. I've got a few more things to do tonight and then bedtime (finally). And back at it tomorrow... why do I have so much stuff?

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