Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! You know you want one! LOL Anyway, welcome to another rockhounding adventure post. So, yesterday hubby and I were having a lazy Saturday. Hubby asked me if I wanted to do something, go somewhere. We then had the old "what do you wanna do? I dunno, what do you wanna do? I dunno, what do YOU wanna do?" exchange. Finally I was nominated (declared?) the event planner. So, I decided we ought to head out to a place where we had never been and check out some rockhounding opportunities there. We got our supplies together and off we went. Mind you, this was already almost 4pm. Anyway, we found the first spot and hunted around for agate, opalite and petrified wood. There are also rumors that people have found precious opal here as well. We found some interesting opalite (no precious opal) but the best stuff we found was really cool bubbly rhyolite. It's covered in nodules that make it all bubbly looking. Hubby took this pic of the sky while we were there.
Here are a couple of the rocks we found.
So, then we decided to take a look at another nearby spot. As we were driving back to the main road, Hubby suddenly says, "Oh, man! There's an antelope!" I looked and running right beside the truck was an antelope! Like a mere 10 feet away. Apparently it had been laying on the ground near the dirt road and as we passed he jumped up and ran. He gradually pulled ahead of the truck then raced across the road in front of us and off into the desert. It was about this time that I finally thought to get a picture. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a good shot by that point. We kept driving and a bit further down the road we spotted a herd of antelope. I did get a shot of a couple of those. Enlarge the pic and you can see 2 antelope on the right side.
We were driving to the second location and we came across a herd of wild horses. Part of the herd was right in the road as you can see in this pic.
The sad part was that once they moved out of the road we could see that one was injured. It was limping badly and looked as though one of it's rear feet was broken. This one here. And it looked as though it had a baby. I felt kind of sad. It's likely it will be mountain lion food. And the baby won't have a mommy. But that's the life of a wild horse, I guess. We made it to the second site but the sun was going down. We looked around a bit but with the light fading it was hard to really find any of the fluorite that is supposed to be here. And we did see some large mountain lion tracks. We didn't stay too long and all the while I was feeling as though something was watching me, ready to pounce. But this area was promising and we'll most likely go back in the future and take the kids. We did find some rocks but the story of the day was actually the wildlife we saw (and some we didn't actually see but saw evidence of). Pretty amazing to think that you can find all this wildlife in Nevada.
Well, that's about it. Have a great day and don't forget you ice cream sandwich today!

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