Saturday, November 21, 2009

So, we went out to the hot spring yesterday. You can see in the pictures the steam that was coming from the very hot water. It was way too hot to touch (the water) but when I got home I looked on the internet and found out that the water is about 190 degrees. We decided to take Kaos with us so he could run around. And guess what he did? He tried to lap up some of the hot water! He actually stuck his big ole tongue in it! You'd think the heat would warn him to keep his distance or that the steam would burn him as he got close but apparently not. He's not too bright.
Here's MoMo standing near it. And another with hubby, Big R and MoMo. I also took some video of it bubbling and steaming out of the ground, in case you were interested.
We also looked around for some cool rocks and things. We found quite a lot of quartz and purple glass. I found a spot where I collected quite a few chunks of obsidian. And right where I was finding the obsidian I started digging and found an old rusty square nail! Ok, I'm a dork, I was really excited when I found it. LOL
Anyway, today I went to Reno with some other friends/Twilight fans and we saw New Moon and ate at Olive Garden (YUM!). It was a lot of fun. Always nice to get out with other adults leave the kids at home!
Well, I have to get the kids all washed up and ready for bed so until next time...

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