Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! My little MoMo pronounced it the "Best Halloween EVER!" She's partial to that saying. Almost everything when it is happening is the "best EVER!" LOL So, I got the ninja costume done in time. After I finished sewing it, I had hoped I could use an iron on transfer to add the dragon. Alas, when I tested it on a scrap, it did not work out. So, I set to work hand painting the dragon on the fabric. MoMo was pretty excited about her costume so it was worth it. Big R was a Clone Trooper. He had a cool Clone Trooper helmet and blaster that I thought he'd wear with the jumper I bought but he opted to head out with just the cheap mask that came with the jumper and no blaster. We began the day yesterday carving our pumpkins. Here they are lit up.
The top is mine, the middle is MoMo's and the bottom one is Big R's. After the pumpkin carving we made our creepy creature cookies.
After dinner we got ready to trick or treat.
I took the kids around the neighborhood while Daddy manned the door here. Here are the kids with their candy haul.
Look at all that candy! Big R's candy bag (remember the old jack o' lantern bags that we had as kids?) was full right up to the top! So, today we have been taking it easy and trying to come down from the sugar high. LOL It seems as though I've crashed and I'm pretty worn out at the moment, So, I guess I'll finish this here. Bye!


Grandma said...

mmmmmmmm, those monster cookies look good!

Manda said...

I wish I'd made monster cookies! Next year . . .

Looks like your kids had a pretty good haul. Good job on the ninja girl costume. Did she bust some moves?