Monday, December 7, 2009

We're having a SNOW DAY! It started snowing yesterday evening and stuck right away. It's been so cold here already that I think the ground is frozen. The snow just started piling up and piling up and now we've got quite a layer of the white stuff out there! Here are some pics from last night. I don't know what the official snowfall amount is but when we got up this morning it was about 6 inches deep in our yard. Here's a pic of our patio table this morning.So today school was canceled. We slept in and then went out to play in the snow (which is still coming down). Unfortunately, the snow is very powdery so it's no good for snowballs or snowmen. But the kids did get rides on their sleds. Check out this video.

Yes, our dog is having a ball with all this snow. He even pulled the kids around on their sleds a bit. I think it's hilarious how he was prancing through the snow. So, we're essentially snowed in at home. They haven't cleared the roads, at least not our street. Hubby (who already had today off) drove his truck around the block so I guess if necessary we could drive somewhere but I doubt I could get anywhere in the car. We're just hanging out here at home and we'll see if there's school tomorrow. Hopefully they'll get the roads cleared.
Alright, well, I'm going to go hunt up something to eat for lunch. Maybe some Chipotle Chocolate Chili leftover from last night. Yum! Talk to you later!


Jane said...

that video is hilarious!!! what an awesome dog! we're having a snow day too, in fact chris got out of one of his finals because of it! Hurray for snow!

Manda said...

I feel like I should take little b out to play in the snow, but I'm too wimpy. Snow is so COLD.