Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ok, so today I have a project to share that I've been working on. It all started when I saw this circle quilt here. I fell in love the design and decided I HAD to make one. Then our friend Eric and his wife found out they were having a baby girl. I decided that I would make the circle quilt for his baby. So then I found this incredibly fabulous line of fabric called Sultry by Moda. You can check out its lusciousness here. Isn't it gorgeous? The quilt itself is pretty simple to make. I simply cut 6" squares of white fabric. Then using an old CD for a template, I placed the CD on the fabric and cut around the CD to make my circles. The circles are stitched onto the white squares with a zig zag stitch and then all the blocks are sewn together into the quilt top. I added the pink border and then stitched together strips to make the piano key border around the outside edge. I had this top done fairly quickly but then the quilting was what gave me problems. See, my old sewing machine was giving me fits when I tried to free motion quilt. It was bad, with the thread on the bottom coming out loopy and ugly. So frustrating! But my wonderful mother gave me an early birthday present-a new sewing machine! It is so awesome! I LOVE it! (Thank you, Mom!) I figured my quilting problems were over but no. I didn't have the proper foot for my new machine. :( But after figuring out what foot I needed and ordering it, I finally got my new machine set up and got to quilting! Hooray! :) This brings me to the nearly finished product.
I almost don't want to give it away. The last part to do to finish it all up is to trim the edges, removing the excess batting and backing fabric then sew on the binding. I'm on the home stretch. Good thing, too, because little Raquel, the recipient, was born about a month ago. She was over 9 lbs at birth so I better get it to her before she outgrows it! ;)

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