Sunday, May 15, 2011

This has been an exciting week here! My (not so) little MoMo lost her first tooth! The Tooth Fairy actually had to make two trips to our house as Big R lost a tooth this week as well. Though he's already at #6. But here's a picture of MoMo with one less tooth.
In addition, this week was the annual Spring Wings festival here. This is the first time we have actually gone to it. Big R's class went on a field trip during the week to Spring Wings and he was excited to go on Saturday to the family day. They had booths set up with information on birds and conservation as well as crafts for the kids to make. There was even a local falconer and her apprentice there with their red tailed hawk. We also saw a presentation with a rescued great horned owl which is being rehabilitated for release into the wild. In addition, they offer guided tours of different bird watching areas with BLM and Fish and Game personnel. We didn't do that this year but maybe next year we will! I have some pictures to share. These first two are the red tailed hawk.
Next, we have the kids decorating a bird inspired card.
And Big R throwing spears at a bear target. It was a little tricky but he did hit "bear" a couple of times! (ooops! I accidentally published before I was ready!) Here's the rest of the post...
And then some pictures of the owl presentation.
So, there you have it. Lost teeth and Spring Wings!

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