Friday, May 3, 2013

Hello. So, today was Big R's follow up appointment for his finger.  It truly is fractured and he ended up needing an actual cast on it. For at least 6 weeks. Yay. Well, he's actually pretty excited about it right now. He thinks it's pretty cool and "science-y." Because the cast material goes on flexible then gets hard. We'll see how he feels when it gets hotter and it gets hot and sweaty under there and he can't swim and all that. Blogger is (still) having problems with uploading photos so I'm uploading photos to Flickr again. You can just click on the orange text which is linked to the photos. He did get a manly colored cast. Blue. And a bit of red tape. So he's kind of patriotic. Big R with cast

And our gardening is going pretty well this year. We've got spinach ready to harvest now. Spinach And lettuce growing fast. Lettuce The strawberries are blossoming (blossoms) and we've even got strawberries growing. Berries I can hardly wait until they're ripe! We planted Italian (flat leaf) parsley last year and it has reseeded and spread like crazy. strawberries vs parsley In the front yard we cleared a space and planted zucchini, yellow squash, and pumpkins. MoMo had brought home a cabbage plant from school and she planted that up there, too. front yard bed We built a rough planter out of pallets and filled it with compost we had made and planted 10 pounds of seed potatoes in there, both Yukon Gold and Red Pontiac. The plants have come up and seem to be thriving so hopefully we'll be able to harvest plenty of potatoes in a few months. Potatoes We have some tomato plants but we haven't put them in the ground yet since the weather is still unpredictable. It's been mostly warm but a couple of nights ago we had freezing temps overnight. So we've been moving the tomatoes (and dwarf lemon tree and dwarf fig) inside on nights where it is likely to freeze. We've still got more we want to plant--some peppers and cauliflower and things. Maybe we'll get that done this weekend.

I've also been cutting some fabric. I signed up for another I Spy fabric swap. I had 6 fabrics from previous swaps that had enough to use for this swap. I Spy squares Which meant I had to get 4 more fabrics. I cut 20 squares from 10 different fabrics for a total of 200 squares. Then I get 200 different squares back. So, I cut the squares from the 6 fabrics I had and I'm waiting on the other fabrics to come in the mail. I Spy fabric on order I also have a big pile of triangles cut out for the triangle baby quilt, just waiting to be sewn together. Triangles I've got a couple of other projects planned, as well. May totally snuck up on me. I saw something a couple of days ago that said Mother's Day was 12 days away or something. That took me completely by surprise. In my mind it was further away. And right along with Mother's Day I've got no fewer than 3 birthdays this month. So, yeah, it'll be a busy month.

Well, I think that's all for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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