Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hello again! Well, I've done some more scrapping. My MIL actually took some pictures when we were down visiting so I scrapped a couple of those.One of me...I know, I hardly EVER scrap with photos of me!

And one of my Auntie & I. We only had a few days to spend down in So Cal and I definitely wanted to see my Auntie while we were there. My MIL graciously invited her to a get together she was having so we got to spend some time together. Not nearly enough, though! I really wish we lived closer to everyone.

Hubby's sister and niece came out to visit from all the way across the country. It was really good to see them and the cousins always have a fabulous time together.

And my sister and nephew went to the beach back in June. I totally stole pics and quotes from her Facebook page to scrap! I'm sneaky like that.

Isn't he the cutest? I sure missed seeing him this summer. He and my sister didn't make it to the family campout or Grandma Camp. Well, hopefully we'll be able to see them again soon. Thanksgiving or Christmas, if not sooner.

Ok, well, I'm going to wrap this up for now. But I want to wish my Dad a very happy birthday! Hope you like your present and I really don't expect you to wear it (unless, of course, you want to LOL). It's hard to get something for the man who has everything (well, it certainly SEEMS that way sometimes). But when I saw the pattern I thought of you. I'll share a picture of my Dad's birthday present in a couple of days just so I don't spoil the surprise. Plus I may have some progress to show on the Hourglass Quilt I'm making. I spent some of yesterday cutting, sewing, and pressing. I hope to be able to sew some blocks today. Maybe get some rows sewn together.

Alright then, TTFN (ta ta for now)!

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Jane said...

Cute scrap pages! I especially like the one of the blue-eyed boy! ;) Oh and Dad totally said he's going to wear your tie!! It is so cool! Good job! Love you!