Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hello, hello. So, we have an addition to our household. For MoMo's birthday we decided to get her a kitty of her very own. One of Hubby's coworkers has a whole lotta kittens he was trying to find homes for so today (even though it's not quite her birthday yet) we went and let her pick one out. She picked this guy.

He's not a tiny kitten. He's 5 months old so not full grown, either. They had little baby kittens, too, but their not quite ready to leave their mama. They were calling this guy One-Eyed Willie-not that he literally has only one eye (obviously) but when he and his littermates were babies and their eyes started opening only one of his opened and the other stayed closed for several more days. So, they called him One-Eyed Willie. But MoMo decided to rename him Peanut Butter. He is the most snuggly kitty. When you pick him up he's kind of like a ragdoll. Just lets you do whatever and he's very relaxed. MoMo already told me that he is everything she hoped he would be. Cuddly and soft and playful. So far he's getting along with our other cat well. He's very laid back and just made himself at home. Mrs. Kitty (our other cat) is a bit jealous but she's not bothering him. She's not very aggressive, in general. Mostly she's just trying to make sure he's not sitting on MY lap by sitting there herself. I'm her favorite. She doesn't want to sit on MoMo's lap, anyway. So, here's a photo of MoMo and Peanut Butter. She's so happy and excited.

In other news, I am almost done with the triangle baby quilt. I got it quilted and I just need to finish sewing on the binding around the edge. Yes! And I loved making the doll for my niece so much that I think I will make another for the quilt recipient's big sister.
Then I also started a sewing project for MoMo's birthday.  I hope to have some photos to share soon.

Ok, well, I guess that's all for now. Until next time...

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