Monday, September 21, 2009

Hi all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. We made another trip to pan camp and pan for gold. Left Saturday morning and got back yesterday evening. We couldn't leave until Saturday morning since Hubby has been working nights the last week. And that was nearly a problem since the campsites are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. We arrived and all the campsites were full! Apparently the Gold Prospector's Association of America was having one of their outings there. But luckily there was a group of people there who were leaving so we were able to snag that spot. And we had a productive time! This time instead of fishing out every small bit of gold from each panful, we'd pan it down to the black sand and gold then dump all of that into a bucket to bring home. Now we can just work the concentrates in that bucket and take our time to get the gold out. That way we we could process more material while we were there and just bring home the good stuff instead of lugging home a heavy bucket of dirt. It worked out well. I think we more than doubled our stash of gold. But I don't know for sure as we still have to process the concentrate we brought home. We bought a few more gold pans so we all had one. Both of the kids do a really good job panning on their own. Born miners! LOL And now I know why the old prospectors were all haggard and hunch-backed. All that bending over to pan sure isn't easy on the back. But we had a lot of fun and found some treasure!
On another note, I just wanted to share with you this picture. All of this cost just $6! Woo hoo! That is one box of Capri Sun, 4 boxes fruit snacks and 4 bags of granola clusters. I love a great deal! Well, camping always generates a ton of laundry so I've got to go get that all done. So until next time...

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Grandma said...

great shopping!

I'll be waiting for a pic of the gold pile!