Monday, October 5, 2009

Happy October all! I just had to share something very cool with you. I just got my own font! It's my own handwriting and I'm very excited. Some of you may ask, "How do I get MY handwriting made into a font?" Well, check out this blog to find out.
I downloaded and printed the template, filled it in, emailed it and the next day I got an email containing MY OWN FONT! So cool! And for those of you who love collecting fonts as much as I do, you can download several FREE fonts at their site Sugar Frog Fonts.
I seem to be of the persuasion that one can never have too many fonts. Every time I think I probably have enough, I find new ones that I "need." LOL Hey, we all have our obsessions, right? So, here's a sample of my font!
Alright, I better get going and get to my to do list. Love to all!

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