Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Tuesday everybody! Today I was able to go with MoMo's class on their field trip to the pumpkin patch. It was so fun! MoMo was pretty excited that we got to ride on a real school bus. Here's MoMo on the bus with a big grin. When we got there we had a presentation on the life cycle of corn. It was pretty interesting. She showed us corn kernels and a corn stalk and had some equipment to take the kernels off the cob and crack the corn and grind it into corn meal. She had some mini corn muffins for us to taste and popcorn, too! Yum! I learned something interesting that I didn't know about corn. Each kernel is its own fruit and each is pollinated separately. Each ear has about 800 kernels that need to be pollinated and there is a piece of silk for each kernel. The silk is what catches the pollen and directs it to the kernel.
After that, we got to take a hay ride out to where the pumpkins are and all the kids got to pick a pumpkin.
Most of the kids raced to the far end of the field in search of the perfect pumpkin. Not MoMo. Nope, she took about 2 steps and picked up a pumpkin and that was it. She had her perfect pumpkin. (Must take after her Grandpa R)
Then we rode back and the kids got a ride on the cow train. I don't know who had more fun-the kids on it or the guy driving!
They also have a cool tower of jack o' lanterns. I bet it's very cool at night all aglow.
Finally, we got to see their animals and even feed the chickens and goats. I found it amusing that this goat was just standing on top of the little house. I guess I never really looked at goat eyes before. I know some of you think they are very creepy and I never understood it. But now I know what you mean. Those weird pupils! They are kind of creepy.
After that it was time to head back to school. On the bus on the way back, MoMo (and several other kids) exclaimed, "That was the best field trip EVER!" So, yeah, I'd say the field trip was a success.
Well, I better go. Bye!


Manda said...

Man, I want to go on a field trip like that!

Wow! I had imagined a much slower cow train! That looks fun. Aren't you glad you live in the wilderness where such fun is actually allowed?

Hmmm. I'll have to get a lot more pumpkins next year so I can make a jack o lantern tower. Except all that cleaning out and carving.. . Maybe not. Looks cool though.

Grandma said...

I guess they all thought that was the BEST field trip ever. But, wasn't that the ONLY one they've been on? They are kindergarteners! haha

I personally would not want to clean that many pumpkins, but it is very cool!