Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello. As you can see, I did a couple of new layouts. I'm trying to get all my summer photos scrapped. I got a coupon for a free photo book and it expires on Thursday. I want to make myself a book with all our fun summer activities. Finally, I'm getting some of my layouts printed for myself! I keep meaning to do it but just never have. It will only be a small fraction of all the layouts I've done and have saved on disks and such but it's a start!
I've been doing some baking the last few days. I made pumpkin scones and made my hubby happy. He LOVES them (and what's not to love?) and has been asking me when I'm going to make them. So, I finally made a batch and they are all gone already so I guess I'll be making another batch with the can of pumpkin I have left. My friend also gave me a big bag of apples so I make a pan of apple squares, applesauce and apple oven pancakes. Yum! I still have quite a few apples left so I probably will make a pie and more applesauce.
Other than that, I'm trying to sew MoMo's Halloween costume. She saw some older girls at the store trying on costumes and one of them was wearing a satin kimono. She also saw a similar costume in a catalog we got in the mail so she decided that's what costume she wants, except in pink. I guess it's sort of like a girl ninja type of thing but it doesn't have a sword or anything like that. It's like this. So, I got a pattern and some pink and black satin to sew it. I figured it would be pretty easy to make but, man oh man, am I having a difficult time! I cut out the pieces the other day and started sewing today. The first step is to make small loops for the belt to go through. I stitched and then I was supposed to turn this skinny thing right side out. I spent almost an hour trying to get the darn thing turned and finally decided to just improvise. I found some ribbon, which was unfortunately white. But one black permanent marker later and I had black ribbon which I cut to length and stitched in place. Then I stitched the side pieces to the back piece at the shoulders and started sewing the first sleeve. I was at the end of the first sleeve and started wondering why the fabric didn't match up properly. That was when I figured out that I had sewn everything wrong! All the way back to the loops. I sewed them on the wrong side to begin with, then sewed the side pieces on the wrong sides and then sewed the sleeve on the wrong side as well. So, I had to basically take all the stitching out and start back at square one. Well, I didn't have to make the loops again but everything after that! I wasn't too happy. And the satin isn't the easiest fabric to sew since it's so slippery. Ack! But I managed to get everything stitched back the correct way. I'm glad I don't have to sew Big R a costume this year. He's going to be a Star Wars Clone Trooper. He already has a helmet and a blaster but good old Wally World had a costume for $12. I don't even know if I could have sewed one for that price. And he's happy with it so it works for me. I tried to talk MoMo into being a skunk this year with no success. I made Big R an adorable skunk costume a few years ago and the little STINKER wouldn't wear it. I think maybe he wore it for 5 minutes, all the while writhing on the floor while we tried to get a photo.
Well, I've rambled on long enough. Until next time...

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Grandma said...

oh, man, i've been 'writhing' on the floor laughing about your funny description of Big R and the skunk outfit. hahahahahaha. I bet the costume you're making will be cute. I liked the one you linked to.