Friday, January 1, 2010

Some of you already know that our cat, Mr. Kitty was hit by a car and killed yesterday. It happened right in front of our house and Hubby found him when he came home from work. When Hubby found him, Mr. Kitty was already gone to kitty heaven. Not an hour before it happened, I was looking out the window and saw him rubbing his face against the snowman MoMo and I made in the front yard, thinking, "What a silly cat!" We haven't said anything to the kids, yet. Hubby thinks we should just let Mr. Kitty "disappear." Our other cat, Daisy Mae (Mrs. Kitty, the kids call her), is pretty upset. And I'm really sad, too. We got him as a kitten 4 years ago when MoMo was just over a year old. Big R , who was 3, picked him out because "he looked like a tiger." When we asked Big R what he wanted to name him he replied, "Mister." "Mister?" I asked. "Just Mister or Mister Something like Mr. Jones?" "MR. KITTY!" he exclaimed. So, he was our Mr. Kitty. Here's a layout I made showing MoMo loving him when he was a kitten. She gave him lots of love and he was pretty tolerant about it, even though she practically strangled him with love. LOL
When we lived near SD, he became good friends with the skunks in the neighborhood. Hubby was driving home one night and saw a mama skunk, followed by several baby skunks and Mr. Kitty bringing up the rear! We also found out from our neighbor (NOT Gargamel) that he'd often stop by her house and walk on in and eat with her cats. He was getting double meals! No wonder he was getting so chunky! He also had some weird food tastes. He didn't want anything to do with any leftover meat we might offer him as a treat but he loved to eat popcorn and Wheat Thin crackers. I actually took this photo Wednesday as we were outside in the snow. He was quite interested in what we were doing and was even walking through the snow, which was quite deep compared to him. It was all the way up to the top of his legs. I was thinking how he'd finally gotten used to the snow here. The first winter we were here and he saw the snow he hated it. He practically hibernated that winter, going outside only when absolutely necessary. Well, I guess that's all. I just wanted to share with you about Mr. Kitty. I'll talk to you later.

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