Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ok, so my computer is down and I'm doing this a la Wii. Very tedious, I must say. And the Wii doesn't seem to be able to handle some websites. Just too much to ask of the Wii. So, even though I am grateful that I can access some things on the web, I will be so very happy to have my computer back in working order. At least I hope it will be/can be fixed. I think that I can fix it with a recovery disk. Just waiting [impatiently] for that to arrive from HP. I haven't checked today's mail, yet, so it could possibly [hopefully] be in my mailbox at this very moment! What am I waiting for!? And in case the recovery disk doesn't do it, those of you computer geeks [I mean computer experts LOL] can be expecting a call from me! This Wii surfing isn't enough to satisfy my computer/internet addiction.
Anyway, I am so excited that I am going to be a student! Well, I guess I already am a student since I am enrolled and have an official student number! AND it's FREE!!! Hardly anything better than free! So, it's an internet based course and I'll get a medical transcription certificate. The school also has job assistance after I get the certificate. I'm also excited because I can do transcription from home. Plus after I finish the transcription course I can then take the medical coding/billing course with the same school and get a certificate for that as well. Also free. And possibly a free laptop? Tomorrow I should find out when I can start the course. Yay!
Well, I just had to share my excitement! And now I'm off to check the mail...

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Grandma said...

That is so awesome that you are getting to do that course, and FREE!!! yay!!! Hoping you got that disc and that it works
love you