Friday, January 29, 2010

Hey all. Happy Cornchip Day. Also, a very happy My-Computer-is-Working-Again Day!!! Woo hoo! At least I'm pretty ecstatic about it. A big shout out of thanks to my little brother, the computer genius who helped me! I was able to recover everything on my hard drive. That would be photos and my digiscrapping stuff, mostly that I was worried about. Most of the other stuff could easily be replaced or lived without. I had gotten the recovery disk yesterday but my brother helped me utilize that without losing all the stuff on my hard drive, so I'm very grateful. And, yes, I KNOW I should have everything backed up in the first place but and I was trying to do that but a combination of malfunctions and slowness on my part to remedy this resulted in no backup. Sooooooo, starting now I will triple back up all my important stuff. (I previously had a system of double backup--on external hard drive and off site with an internet automatic back up program)But for now I'm mostly just giddy with excitement that I can use my computer again!
And in other good news, I got all set up with my medical transcription course and I even finished the first module and took my first test, which I got 100% on. I think I will be able to breeze through the first modules which cover things such as grammar, spelling and editing. I already edit most things I read, at least in my head. Many times I'd like to attack the newspaper or ads with a bright red marker to fix all their errors. Grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors are a pet peeve of mine, particularly the misuse of quotation marks and apostrophes on signage. It really bugs me. Get it right, people! Especially of you are writing something that will be in print or circulated. Seriously, it's your job to know how to write properly. Anyway, I'll get of my little soapbox now. I'm also registered for the medical billing/coding course which I can begin at any time. I have 18 months to finish both courses. But I plan to do transcription first, hopefully get a job in that field and then move on to the next course.
So, that's just a little update for now. I may be back later today, or else tomorrow with a video clip of my adorable daughter that I took yesterday. But for now, it's off to work on my MT course and continue purging things lurking in the backs of closets and in the garage and under beds. Things that I hope to sell at a yard sale--clothing the kids have outgrown, toys no longer played with, even some old paper scrapping supplies and scrapbooking magazines I've decided I can part with. Some cooking magazines I've been stockpiling that I have never even tried a recipe out of. That sort of thing. So, I better get to it. Later!

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