Monday, March 22, 2010

This is the tale of a brisket. Hubby has been asking me to buy a brisket for some time but the price of a brisket is pretty outrageous if you ask me. I mean, a well done brisket is a wonderful thing. When Hubby and I drove through Texas a couple of years ago, we had some awesome BBQ brisket. But if you don't use the proper technique, that pricey brisket you just bought can be inedible. So, I saw that brisket was on special and decided to get one to BBQ. (It still wasn't what you'd call inexpensive, though.)
Having never actually cooked one myself and dreaming of Texas BBQ brisket, I searched the internet for guidance. Armed with a recipe for a rub, mop, sauce and cooking advice, Hubby got up early this morning to start the brisket, as you need to cook it for 10-12 hours. I had applied the rub beforehand but as I'm still sick and not feeling well, I forgot to make up the mop. Well, I figured that the rub had been on for an extra day so it would be plenty flavorful and we probably didn't really need the mop, anyway. Hubby manned the BBQ and I made up some macaroni salad and bought some french rolls so we could slice up that wonderful brisket and eat like kings. This, however, is what came off the BBQ.
A charred, dried up hunk of meat. That we fed to the dog. And instead we ordered pizza to eat with the tasty macaroni salad I had made.