Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yes, another post from me today! I just wanted to share my bargains that I picked up today. First we have my CVS purchases. I paid out of pocket $12.67. Plus I got $10 in ECB (Extra Care Bucks which are CVS coupons like a gift certificate) AND I can send in for a $5 rebate on the Scrubbing Bubbles/Windex! Then I also stopped by Walgreens. This is what I got.The pile of pink stuff is a scarf, matching hat (in super soft chenille) and a MoMo-sized hooded sweatshirt. I paid a bit more out of pocket ($49.04) but I received $26 in Register Rewards to use on future purchases and there's a $5 rebate on the Dulcolax. So, basically I'm only paying $18 and some change for all that. Pretty awesome, right? I think I've pointed out these blogs before but if you want to try your hand at couponing be sure to check out and They have all kinds of info, including links to printable coupons, freebies and even have sections on the basics of shopping at different stores (ie. CVS, Walgreens) as each has its own rewards program. Well, I'm off to fill out my rebates so I can send them out while I'm thinking about it and have my receipts handy. Bye!

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