Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Be Kind to Smelly People Day and {inter} National Scrapbook Day! Perhaps you might guess that I'm much more excited about the second one! It's actually almost like torture to me today, being online. Every digital scrapbooking store online is having a celebration ( read SALE) in honor of {i}NSD. I want to buy sooooo many things! Mostly things are from 30 to 60% off so I think, Wow, this is only $2 or $3 or whatever, I could just get a couple of things here. But then I would see an ad for a sale at another store that has things 50% off and I'm tempted to just pick up a couple of more things (It's only $3). And then there's ANOTHER store with a sale and what harm would buying a couple things here do? Until it really starts adding up. Besides, I have A LOT of scrapping kits already. (sigh) So, I'm trying to be good and not get sucked into it. It's very difficult, though. But I did get a number of freebies, in honor of the occasion. Yay! I LOVE FREEBIES!!! But, after I post this I'm vowing to stay offline so I won't give in to the temptation.
Oh, some of our chrysalises have released their butterlies! One came out yesterday and another this morning. The kids named the first one Speedy. DD already told me, "I LOVE Speedy!" She's so cute.
And our garden is doing very well. he snow and freezing weather didn't kill it off. I think everything we planted is coming up and some of it is already getting quite big. Like the cucumber plants. And last year DH took DD out and let her plant sunflower seeds. So basically she seeded everything in the backyard. And this year we have tons of sunflower plants growing all over. That's one thing that grows well in this area. They actually grow wild here.
Well, I have a couple of layouts that I made so I'll leave you with those and then try to occupy myself with something other than shopping for digital scrapbooking supplies!

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