Saturday, May 23, 2009

Hello, hello! Well, we just got back from a lovely little expedition. We had planned on going to the reservoir to fish and spend the day but this morning it was pretty windy and the other family we were going to go with decided they'd rather go to the indoor pool so we scrapped that plan. Big R wasn't too keen on going to the reservoir, anyway. That kid's got GOLD FEVER! He wanted to go look for gold instead. LOL So, we went to the Truckee River with our gold pan, metal detector and our fishing poles. Unfortunately our gold pan and metal detector didn't find us any gold and our fishing poles didn't get us any fish, except for one. And I was the one who caught it! Ha! Ha! But it was too small to be a keeper. It was a trout, though. Cutthroat. And, sadly enough we didn't think to get a pic before we turned it loose. BUT we did catch something in the river.
That is a crayfish, AKA crawdad AKA crawfish. We saw them crawling up near the edge of the water and we started swooping them up with a net. We had a lot of fun, searching for the little critters, trying to sneak up on them and get them in the net. We caught 11 of them, not counting a few that slipped through the net before we could get them into the bucket. And, no, we didn't have a crawfish feast and suck all their brains out. We actually let them all loose before we left.

Here are a few more pics from our outing.
Yeah, so that was day 1 of out Memorial Day weekend. Hope yours was as good!

P.S. Oh, and I just wanted to add that I also saw a river otter while I was sitting there fishing! It just swam right past me. Pretty cool to see one in the wild.

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