Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hello again and happy Frog Jumping Jubilee day! Got your frogs ready to jump? LOL Anyhoo, we've had some company the last few days. My in-laws came to visit. We spent some time showing them our favorite rock hunting spots one day. It was pretty hot out there, though. They bought the kids a big pool to keep cool in.
I imagine they'll spend a lot of time in there this summer. My MIL and I took the kids (while the men folk were setting up the pool in the hot sun) to the antiques block party they had here. We found some treasures. Little MoMo found a trinket box she "had" to have and also a couple of Christmas mouse ceramic figurines. Here she is showing them off.
Big R first saw a truck that he fancied. I guess it used to have booze in it. It was a decanter, apparently. But then he found a Darth Vader voice changer mask and got that instead. I got some blue and white patterned plates and also these 3 plates. The sales lady assured us that she could get $100 a plate in Arizona since "everyone in Arizona knows who De Grazia is!" (Is that true? I didn't really believe her) Anyway, I didn't pay $100 per plate, just so you know. I don't know anything about the artist but I did like the plates.
Yesterday was DH's birthday so his parents got him a new BBQ and we BBQ'd steaks to try it out. They were very yummy. We rounded those out with corn on the cob and baked potatoes. Stuffed ourselves and it was quite awhile before anyone wanted cake and ice cream. I made his chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. That's what he ALWAYS has. I decorated it to look like the boombox from Yo Gabba Gabba. (A kid's show on tv) Partly because he likes Yo Gabba Gabba but also because he wanted some ridiculously expensive boombox for his birthday and I didn't get it for him. He got a cake boombox instead. LOL I just realized that I don't have any pics of the cake lighting part of it but here are a couple of him opening gifts.
Big R really liked the card that DH got from his parents. It plays Star Wars music. Kaos is going to be very sad, I think, when they leave. They brought their dog, Yoda, with them and they are best buddies. Kaos has always wanted a buddy.
Well, anyway, that's what's been happening here. Talk to ya later, gators!

P.S. Ok, so I Googled this de Grazia and perhaps the lady was right. I bet Mom's sister knows who he is. Apparently he lived in Morenci and graduated from the high school there. I guess he is somewhat well known and on the website for his gallery (thought he is dead now) one of the plates I bought sells there for $130 and one of the others I got sells for $250! I paid $10 for each plate so I guess we got a bargain! :0D


Grandma said...

I think she's right that Az people know de Grazia. Chris has several of her paintings in her office. She's very AZ famous.

Nicole said...

HAPPY late BIRTHDAY G! I hope you had a great day!

Nicole said...

so, i tried to reply to your comment about my blog but it wouldnt let me...anyways,we're moving in with your parents. daniel got laid off from his job a couple weeks ago. thank goodness for them! love you all!