Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you're not wearing green right now, give yourself a pinch for me, will ya? And in addition to the more well known holiday today is also Submarine Day. Just thought you might like to know. We had a visit from a mischievous leprechaun at our house. The kids made pots with rainbows in hopes of tricking the leprechaun into leaving his gold there.
This morning we found gold coins in there but perhaps the leprechaun tricked us because they were chocolate coins!
The tricky leprechaun also turned our milk green and the water in our toilets! You can see he left a taunting note as well. Maybe next year we'll catch him.
I haven't done much the last few days as I wasn't feeling well. No new projects done, except for one scrapbook layout.
I am finally feeling better today so I ought to be able to get some stuff done. Another new project I'm going to be working on is a Snuggie for my DD. She has seen those commercials and has been dying to have one. So we went to Wal Market and she picked out some Littlest Pet Shop fleece and I found a pattern on the internet to help me make the sleeves. Then I'm sure I'll have to make one for DS as well. I've also got some patterns for some more felt food. I'm going to try another lemon. Hopefully it will come out better than the last one. Oh, here's the pic I promised of the gingerbread cookie set. I lied, it wasn't on a blog but on Flickr. HERE I just love it and MUST have one! I mean, DD must have one? You can see, can't you, who the felt food is really for...LOL
Anyway, have a great day! Till next time!

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