Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello again. The weather here has been weird. A couple of days ago the daytime high was 70 degrees and I found a pansy blooming in my yard.
I was getting excited, thinking that spring was on its way. Then yesterday morning we woke up to snow. What is up with that? Just a warning from Mother Nature not to think winter is over? (sigh) I am so ready for spring. I hate the short days where it gets dark by 5pm. And the cold weather. Although this year has definitely been much milder than last. But the winter here is so bleak. The grass goes dormant and turns brown. All the flowers die. The trees are bare. Everything is so blah. So, hurry up already, spring!
Here is a layout that I did for an album for my sis.
And another layout I did for an album for my sil.
Ok, one last layout for today. This is one I did and I meant to email it to everyone and somehow I just didn't get around to it. Oooops! Sorry, guys. But it's Mom opening her Christmas gift. I LOVE her expression!
So, ok, then. That's all for now. Love ya!

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Grandma said...

LOVE the pansy(of course!) That was a great moment when I opened up that big box and it was full of thread!!