Saturday, March 21, 2009

Well, this is sort of a good news/bad news sort of a post. I did get some asparagus made. I think they are pretty cool. Time consuming, though, as you have to cut out then sew on what seems like a billion tiny triangles.
Here they are. Just please don't look at the enlarged photo as my stitches are quite obvious and they aren't very neat! So, only got the 2 stalks done. I will probably make some more but DD is now asking for a pear. That's the good news. The bad news is that our dog is missing. DH took him out to the desert yesterday afternoon so he could run and romp around. Unfortunately, Kaos ran off and couldn't be found. DH spent hours out there looking for the dog until nightfall. He had his collar on but so far no one has called saying they found him. And we're not altogether sure he survived the night with all the predators out there. Coyotes and/or people hunting coyotes who mistook him for a coyote in the dark. So, the kids are understandably sad that he is missing. And even though he was sort of a pain in the butt I feel badly for him out there alone, lost, scared and maybe injured. I'll let you know if we find him. I hope we do.

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