Sunday, March 8, 2009

So, I hope you all remembered to "spring" forward. (except all you Arizonians-lucky!) Have I ever mentioned that I hate the whole daylight savings thing? Well, I do. I hate trying to make sure I get every clock changed. Inevitably I miss a clock or two and then that causes confusion. Did I change that one or not? Is it 8 or 9? Then I have to go double check and...grrr.
Well, in addition to my felt strawberries I now have a...
Tomato! I did this one on my own. I made my own pattern. I just traced a circle and cut it out of felt then did a running stitch around the edge and pulled the ends tight to cinch it up. Secured that then cut out the leaf and sewed that on. Voila! I'm pretty pleased with it. DD is quite enthralled with the whole felt food thing and she wants me to do a lemon next. I'll have to think harder on that one or else find a pattern. Not sure how to get the right shape. If anyone has any thoughts on that feel free to let me know.
I am still in the quilting mode but I have to order fabric for the back of my latest quilt. I didn't order any with the rest since most of it was quite pricey. And you need quite a lot for a back. Plus, I'm never really sure until the top is done what I want to back it with. Anyway, I figured I could find something at my local Wal Market. But DD wants purple on the back and we couldn't find a suitable purple fabric there. So, that quilt is in a holding pattern. But I think I'm going to start on another quilt with the bali fabrics I got. I'm going to use a pattern called Bento Box. I don't have a pic right now to show you but I can maybe get it up here later. And I'll continue with the felt food in between all the quilting. Alrighty, then. Talk atcha later!

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Grandma said...

sheets are always a possibility. I bet there's a purple one!

Do you have a pic of a lemon? maybe you could tell from that how to do it. or send it to me and I'll have a look.