Monday, March 9, 2009

Yesterday we decided to go to the snow. Had kind of a rough start, though. We loaded up coats, gloves, snow boots, and ourselves and started off. We had almost gotten to the next town about 30 miles down the road when DH says, "I forgot the sleds." After deliberating a couple of minutes we decide to turn back to get them. Once we're headed back for home DH says, "You know, we were headed the wrong way, anyway." We both laughed, as we were headed to the Big City, when to get to the snow we should have turned off to go through CC and up into the mountains to the snow. Neither of us was apparently paying much attention. Anyhoo, we retrieved the sleds, got on the right route and made it to the snow. There's a place where people usually sled and that's where we went. We got in a few runs down the hill but there were just a lot of people there who didn't seem to understand the proper etiquette. As in, walk up the SIDE of the hill, not right up the middle where people are trying to sled. It was quite annoying and we decided to head to another spot where we had sledded before. And we were the only ones there. Yay! So we did some sledding, threw some snowballs, made a snowman and had such a fun time. Here are a few of my favorite photos from yesterday.
DH also took some pics with his camera but I haven't seen those, yet, so maybe there are some more goods ones to share tomorrow.

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