Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yeah, so I was looking forward to playing around with my new mosaic program today but I was so busy I just didn't get to it. There was no school for DS today and we had our friends across the street over to decorate sugar cookies. Yum! And DS had his second T ball practice after dinner. Yesterday I took DD with me to his practice and she got to play at the park there where the fields are. Well, DS was wanting to play at the park after his practice but it was already almost dark so I promised him we'd go early today so he could play. Now, here in NV the park actually has a merry-go-round. Totally old school. Not like so many places nowadays that take them out because they are "too dangerous." That's something that I really like about this place. Merry-go-rounds are ok. And it's ok to bring in homemade treats to school. (Some places only allow store bought-like where we used to live in CA) Things like that. They haven't gotten so...I don't know...prissy and over zealous about things. Well, anyway, at the park my kids are drawn to the merry-go-round like flies to honey. They are spinning round and round and round and DS lets out a big whoop and yells, "I LOOOOOOVE THIS PARK!" It was the sound of pure, unadulterated joy. Kids being kids and having the time of their lives. What a magical moment. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my camera so I don't have a snapshot to share but I can tell you that that moment is vividly imprinted in my memory. I want to remember it forever.
Well, I'm ready to get myself into bed. Bye!

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