Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day. The Bunny, of course, visited our house. The kids had a great time hunting the eggs this morning. Though, the "Bunny" wasn't too thrilled to be hiding eggs at 6:30 in the morning in the 34 degree cold! Brrr! Here are some pics from the egg dyeing yesterday. As you can see in the last couple, the kids are purists and colored all the eggs a solid color!
We also had a visit from some hyped up bunnies. Might have been from the before-breakfast candy. Hopefully it's the candy, not that they are rabid...

Sorry about the 2nd video. I forget that I don't know how to rotate the video after I've filmed it. I always seem to turn the camera and the movie ends up sideways. If anyone knows how to rotate it, please feel free to pass that info on to me!
Oh, and I made the mistake yesterday of mentioning to DH that I was thinking of making ebleskivers for breakfast today. I didn't feel like doing it today and wasn't going to but DH says, "I thought you were going to make ebleskivers!" So, I made them and actually, I'm glad I did. They are so yummy! Just a little tidbit on ebleskivers here. Although we like to use a 2-pronged fork, I read that in Denmark they use a knitting needle to flip the balls. Can't verify that but I did read that somewhere.
Well, anyway, I think that's all for now. I'll talk to (at) you again soon!

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