Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wow, we've had some crazy weather here. I think I may have cursed us as I emailed my mom that I thought spring was really here to stay. But then yesterday it was windy, overcast and about 50 degrees but not too bad. Then suddenly snow started coming down. Well, at first I thought it had to be something else, seeds or something form a plant blowing around in the wind. I mean, it's 50 degrees out so it couldn't be snow, right? Well, it WAS snow and in the matter of maybe 10 minutes the temperature had dropped from 50 to 34! Man, oh, man. We had snow flurries off and on the rest of the day but nothing really stuck. DS had a T Ball game scheduled yesterday evening but it was cancelled due to the weather. We are having the same sort of weather today so I do believe tonight's game will be cancelled as well. I covered my garden in hopes that it will survive. I really do hope all my little asparagus survive. We had at least 22 stalks coming up. My poor tender little plants.
Well, I did take the kids bowling for the first time yesterday. We had so much fun. The kids really loved it and DS was really good! The first game he bowled a 74 but by the second game he was doing much better and for several frames he was ahead of me! He scored an 88 on the second game. He did have the bumpers up but on the second game he wasn't even bouncing the ball off them very much. Wow! DD did pretty well, too. And she was too cute jumping up and down in excitement after she'd roll the ball down the lane and knock over some pins. So, that was really fun. They are already asking if we can go again.
We were going to go to the children's museum in CC today but I didn't want to go that far in this weather. Tomorrow it's supposed to clear up so we'll probably go tomorrow. I'm trying to keep the kids busy to minimize the fighting and bickering between them.
Well, I better go. Besides my internet today is slothfully slow. It's making me crazy. See, how spoiled I am? I can't just be happy and grateful that I HAVE internet at all. I'm irritated that it's slow. I'm going to try to work on that...

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