Friday, April 24, 2009

I know I've been absent this week but I have a really good reason! Well, maybe not. Some of you might know that my friend (Thanks D!) got me started on the Twilight books. I know it's been around awhile but I wasn't all that interested in reading it. It just didn't sound like something that I'd enjoy reading. So, my friend, who, in general, is not a reader, had started reading the series and she became obsessed. She wanted to take me along on her Twilight obsession journey and offered to lend me her books. She was so excited about it and she showed me a few things online about it and I didn't have a new book that I was reading (Shocking, I know! LOL BUT I was rereading a book I had already read. ) so I said, "What the heck?" and accepted. Now I am CONSUMED with Twilight! I finished Twilight in a day and D gave me #2, New Moon. I finished that in a day as well and now I'm itching to start the next. BUT I'm trying to hold out for awhile. I could spend all my time neglecting my housework with my nose stuck in a book. I totally wouldn't mind that. Until I surfaced and realized how out of control the house had gotten. As much as I despise cleaning I do want to live in a clean house. Plus, DH wouldn't be too happy about it, either. Soooooooo, I'm trying to wait a bit (until next week, at least?) before I get into the next book. Or perhaps I ought to admit I have a problem and join Twilight Anonymous. ROFL
In addition to Twilight, I also went to 2 T Ball games this week. Big R had 2 games this week and he is really loving it. You all know he's pretty talented athletically. Must take after his mom. Just kidding! I'm not terrible at sports but I'm not uber-talented, either. And I'm much happier doing things like reading or scrapbooking. But here's a pic of Big R before a game. He's #10, by the way. He's with his friend S who lives across the street and is D's son.
And then it was funny because at the game my daughter and D's daughter happened to be wearing the same shirt! I was trying to get their picture together but my DD didn't want to cooperate. Stinker! Speaking of DD, she's got an obsession as well. Cinnamon toast. Almost every day she requests cinnamon toast for breakfast. With hot chocolate, of course. Just the Swiss Miss kind, though. Not Granny's cocoa. After a sunny and quite warm week (I seriously considered turning on the A/C), today is drizzly and cool. So, it's a perfect day for cinnamon toast and hot chocolate.
And here's an update on our caterpillars. All have encased themselves in a chrysalis. Before too much longer, we'll have butterflies! Once they are in their chrysalises?, chyrsali?, what is the plural of chrysalis? Anyway, after they are all in a chrysalis you are supposed to move them from the small jar that they came in to their mesh butterfly house.

Oh, I did something else this week. I decided to get rid of some of my traditional paper scrapbooking stuff. Yes, I have been thinking about paring down my stash but I wasn't too sure about parting with it. Maybe I'd want it someday. But I've realized that I hardly ever use it anymore. I've gone digital and I don't see myself getting back into paper scrapping with the same enthusiasm as I once had. I'm not getting rid of it all. But I did have a lot of papers that I got at the beginning that just aren't my style anymore so even if I do paper scrap, I doubt I'd use them. And, actually, it feels a bit liberating to be paring down the boxes and boxes (and boxes) of stuff that were cluttering up the garage. So, that's been my week. I hope yours has been a good one, too. Bye!

P.S. I'm editing this because the chrysalis thing was bugging (haha!) me so I looked it up. It appears that I misspelled chrysalis (I had used 2 of the letter l in it) and that the plural is chrysalises or chrysalides. I hope all you spelling and punctuation police will be happy. You know who you are!


Jane said...

I know very well how talented Big R is with a ball. When he wasn't even two he beaned me in the head with a tennis ball and then laughed. What happened to my baby R?

Grandma said...

Ditto Jane's comment. I've also been on the receiving end! Go Big R!!!!!