Monday, April 6, 2009

Hiya everyone! We spent yesterday out hunting for treasure again. We had another really nice day, sunny and warm but not hot. DH knew of a place near Grimes Point where there are flats that are covered in stones. When we got there and had just gotten out of the truck, the kids were already squealing in delight as they found immediately began finding treasures. The really cool thing about the flats is that the wind blows across them and polishes the rocks. So you can find smooth, polished rocks. I particularly liked the wonderstone I found there but we also found agate and that's what the kids liked best. Then DS wanted to go back to the place where we found nodules (geodes) before. We found lots more crystal filled nodules and eggs out there and I think I found a fossil of a sea shell! (This area was once under an ancient sea and it's common to find petrified coral) We had some lunch that we brought and then it was shootin' time. DS had great fun firing a 9mm, shotgun, and a .22. DD shot the 9mm but I think it scared her a bit and she didn't want to shoot anymore after that. I fired off the 9mm, .22, AR-15 and even the new Judge that DH had to have. I was a little nervous about shooting it as it's got quite a kick but I managed to do pretty well. So, I've got some pics to share. This first one DH set up. But I just couldn't do a mean face. I kept laughing too much. Note the shotgun shells in the hat band...
Note the ring around DS's mouth. Red Vines licorice. Well, anyway, that was our day. It was great fun. And if any of you come to visit we'll be happy to take you out to find your own treasures! Well, I better go get some things done here. Bye!

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